DOL Opinion Letters on FLSA

The DOL back in January of this year issued some important opinion letters addressing recently revised Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) white-collar exemption regulations. There has been much written by law firms about the opinion letters, but the actual opinion letters themselves are not easy to find on the DOL’s website. You can access the eleven FLSA opinion letters here. One of the opinion letters–FLSA2005-9–addresses the status of paralegals, reaffirming that paralegals do not qualify for the “professional employee” exemption and are generally eligible for overtime pay.

In addition, DOL has also issued some opinion letters related to the Family and Medical Leave Act which you can access here.

Articles discussing the FLSA Opinion Letters:

Veddar Price: “DOL Issues Opinion Letter Rulings Addressing New White-Collar Exemption Regulations.”

Kilpatrick Stockton LLP: “U.S. Department of Labor Issues a Series of Wage-and-Hour Opinion Letters.”

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